Starting at the Point of Ayre, and keeping to the right of the road, follow the A16 into Bride village. At the roundabout, bear right and take the A10 towards Jurby. Keep to the right hand side of this road and face oncoming traffic. Continue along this road passing through The Lhen and Jurby West, past the prison and on to:

Ballaugh Cronk

The Cronk is our first timing check point. The cut off time to reach the Cronk is 11am (3 hours). If you have not reached the Cronk by this time you will not be allowed to continue and will be retired from the race by the marshals. 

At The Cronk, bear right and take the Orrisdale Road. Please note that as this is a very narrow stretch of road your back up vehicle will not be allowed to follow you on this section. There will be a drinks / refreshment station at the Cronk and again at Orrisdale. Continue on this road and turn right at the ‘T; junction signposted “Kirk Michael”. Follow this road until another ‘T’ junction where it joins the A3. Turn right towards:

Kirk Michael

Follow the road through the village and, just after the Mitre public house, bear right taking the A4 towards Peel. Keep to the right on this busy road continuing through Glen Mooar and Knocksharry.


Upon entering Peel, turn right down Walpole Road. At the bottom of Walpole Road, turn right and continue walking on the right hand side all the way towards the rock face at the end of the promenade. Cross over to the sea-side of the promenade and walk along the promenade itself. There will be separate timing points for those finishing at Peel and for those continuing in the race. These will be marshalled. Those continuing in the race should proceed along the promenade. Leave the promenade near or at the zebra crossing and cross to the other side and continue on the left along the footpath towards the House of Manannan. At the House of Manannan, pass the Creek public house and, keeping to the left, walk up Station Hill and, at the top, turn right into Patrick Street.

Continue along this road, the A27, towards Glen Maye. This is a narrow and busy part of the course – obey the instructions of the marshals and/or the Police. Continue through Glen Maye and on towards St James church in Dalby. There is a timing checkpoint here and it is the last one before the finish. The time limit to reach Dalby is 3pm (7 hours) If you have not reached Dalby by this time you not be allowed to continue and will be retired from the race by the marshals. 

From there, continue on through Eairy Cushlin until:

The Round Table

At this crossroads, turn right onto the A36 heading towards Port Erin.

Between 12:30 and 16:30, this part of the course will be one way for all vehicles from the Round Table crossroads heading in a southerly direction through to Ballakillowey.

Continue along this road, down the Sloc and through Ballakillowey and on to the roundabout. Cross over this roundabout when instructed to do so by the marshals and continue on this road, the A29, past Rushen church to:

Four Roads roundabout

When instructed to do so by a marshal, cross over this roundabout and continue along this road, past the Station Hotel and on to the crossroads by Port St Mary School. At the crossroads, turn right and head up Plantation Road, the A31. This road will take you through Cregneash village on to the finish line at The Sound.



This will take place at the Manx Harriers clubhouse at the National Sports Centre, Douglas perimeter road on Friday 13th September 2024 between 17:00 and 20:00. Someone else may sign-on on your behalf if you cannot make it yourself.

You will be issued with:

·         Your race number which must be pinned to the front and rear of your top and clearly visible at all times. Please note that your race number contains your timing chip, the number and chip are disposable so do not have to be returned after the race.

·         One duplicate number which must be clearly displayed in your back up vehicle at all times.



Limited minibus transport is available to the start of the race at a cost of £10, which is paid for during the entry process. As spaces are limited, it's recommended to enter early.

The Douglas bus will depart from the Grandstand at 06:45 PROMPT. The Southern and West buses departure times will be confirmed at signing on.

The race will start promptly at 08:00 on Sunday 15th September 2024 at the Point of Ayre. Parking at the Point of Ayre will be directed by marshals. Please follow their instructions as to parking/setting down. Toilets will be available at the start area and also in Bride village.



A map of the route is downloadable from the e2e website - For safety reasons the following time restrictions will apply and it will be at the discretion of the race referee whether you will be allowed to proceed. Cut off times:


For safety reasons, the following cut-off times will be enforced by race officials.

Competitors must reach the following check points in order to be allowed to continue. Competitors reaching the check points after this time will be retired from the race.


The Cronk 11.00 (11.15 for finishers)

Peel 13:45 (14:15 for Finishers)

Dalby (St. James Church) 15:00 (15:30 for Finishers)

Officials at The Cronk, Peel and Dalby will close the check points down at the following times 11:15, 14:15 and 15:30.


Walkers who reach the check points prior to closure will be recorded as having reached these check point although they will not be allowed to continue in the race. Walkers still on the road and not having reached a check point after the allowed extra time may be retired from the race immediately by officials and will be recorded as having reached the previous check point regardless of where they are on the course at the time. If they have not reached the Cronk by the closure time they will be recorded as unclassified.


The time limit of the overall race from the Point of Ayre to the Sound is 10 hours and 30 minutes. Any walker reaching the Sound after the 10.5 hours time limit will be recorded as having reached the previous check point. However it should be noted that the race organisers have installed a timing point at Cregneash which will be used for this purpose providing that the timing mats are still place. That is to say if the race organisers have closed down all checkpoints any walker still on the road may be retired from the race immediately by officials and will be recorded as having reached the previous check point regardless of where they are on the course at the time.


The organisers of this event wish to make it clear that the entire course is on open roads. Walkers should walk on a pavement, if available, otherwise they should walk on the right-hand side of the road facing the oncoming traffic unless instructed to do otherwise by race personnel. Be sensible and consider other road users. Please try to walk in single file at all times. Please do not stray into the middle of the road when being passed refreshments from your back up personnel.

Back up vehicle drivers should have regard for other road users and at no time should they drive alongside a walker. This could lead to the disqualification of the walker. Support car crews must wear Hi-Viz at all times.

Pacing (i.e. an attendant driving, walking or cycling alongside a competitor) is not allowed. Pacing may result in disqualification. Attendants should walk behind competitors when supplying drinks etc.


No headphones to be worn at any time.

Marshal’s instructions must be adhered to at all times; failure by competitors to respond will result in disqualification.


Your race number must be clearly displayed on the CHEST and BACK and worn as issued, that is to say it must not be cut, folded, defaced or otherwise concealed in any way. Hi Viz Bib / Vest much be worn by competitors for the entire race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. This will be checked at the start area by Race Officials. For your safety you won’t be allowed to start unless you’re wearing a Hi Viz bib / vest.  Please also wear white or bright visible clothing. Marshals reserve the right to disqualify any walker not wearing a suitable clothing.


Please note the road between the Round Table cross roads and Ballakillowey will be one way for all vehicles in a southerly direction between 12:30 and 16:30. This should assist us if there are inclement weather conditions between the Round Table and the Sloc. If weather conditions deteriorate to a degree that it is felt the race will have to be stopped early, in these circumstances the race will finish at a suitable point as decided by the Course Director. The Course Director’s decision is final.


Any competitor retiring from the race should remove his/her number and report to the nearest marshal. Please do not drop out of the race without notifying an official.


Toilets are located at: The start; Bride Village; Kirk Michael Village; Weather Glass Corner, Peel; Dalby Church; Sloc, Rushen Church and The Sound café.

WATER STATIONS (approximate distances)

Bride Village 2.7 miles

Blue Point 6.2 miles

Ballaugh Cronk 11.8 miles

Orrisdale 15 miles

Devils Elbow 18.5 miles

Creg Malin 22.1 miles

Glen Maye 26 miles

Dalby 27.7 miles

Eairy Cushlin 29.3 miles

Cronk ny Arrey Laa 31 miles

Sloc 33.5 miles

Rushen Church 35.8 miles

Finish 39.22 miles

There is a field for use as off-road parking at the finish due to there being limited parking at the Sound Cafe. Please follow marshals’ instructions. The safety of the walkers is paramount.


The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 18th September 2024, at 19:00 at the Vagabonds Rugby Club.

Trophies to all age groups and team prizes for the first men’s, ladies and mixed team who complete the furthest combined distance in the fastest time. Certificates will be given to all competitors who attend. A buffet will be provided and bar facilities will be available. Please come along and have a relaxing evening and a chat with your fellow competitors.


A full list of results etc. will be published at the following website: and on our Club web site Race results will be available on line at

We hope you have an enjoyable walk and look forward to seeing you at the prize presentation social evening. Good luck.


The End 2 End Walk is held under permit issued by the Race Walking Association as a Category B Event.

Definition of Race Walking as per World Athletics Technical Rule 54.2: “Race walking is a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs. The advancing leg shall be straightened (i.e. not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position.”

In Category B races (which the End 2 End walk is) the knee part of the definition is relaxed and compliance with the contact part of the definition only is required.

Judges will apply the ‘two warnings with a final disqualification ruling’. However in the case of a flagrant breach of the rules then a judge may disqualify a competitor without any prior warnings.

All competitors will be judged equally under the rules.

PRIZE CATEGORIES - trophies will be awarded for:

·         1st, 2nd and 3rd man as well as 1st, 2ndand 3rd lady (both finishing at The Sound)

         1st, 2nd and 3rd U20 man as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd U20 lady (both finishing at Peel)

·         Best First Time Finisher - Jim Duncan Memorial Shield;

·         Most improved Finisher (based on previous finishes on the current, western course);

·         Youngest Finisher (this applies to competitors aged 20 or over on the day of the race);

·         Oldest Finisher

·         Male team

·         Ladies team

·         There will be trophies for the best performance of each age group for both men and ladies.

TEAM ENTRIES - The Team Entry rules are:

       ·         A team is made up of of 3 persons, to be declared prior to the start.

·         A maximum of 2 previous End 2 End finishers (on the current, western course) in any team.

The team categories are:

·         Men

·         Ladies

The winners of each category are calculated by:

·         Adding the distances walked for each team member regardless of which timing point they finish at; and

·         Adding the times of each team competitor for a ‘team’ total time.

·         The winners will be the team which covers the furthest distance in the fastest time

Please note that a competitor can only be a member of one team